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Cameron Halberstadt.

​     Born in the Midwest, Cameron Halberstadt, aka DJ KILLACAM, has been providing musical entertainment for the past 10  years. Before transitioning his career to the Indianapolis music scene, DJ KillaCam was known as Ball State Universities “Go To” DJ, He worked as the Thursday/Friday night DJ for Dill Street Bar for 5 years and  regularly turned the tables for different fraternities/sororities, bars such as the Locker Room & Docs on Dill, and also for different apartment community’s annual parties such as ACC Muncie and University Estates.

     Cameron is now featured on RadioNow 100.9 on Tuesdays for #10oClockturntables. Each week from 10-11pm tune in to catch his newest mixes. He is currently working Thursday and Fridays at The Redroom as the resident Dj. This establishment  is located at 6335 Guilford Ave Indianapolis, IN. He also puts on shows at other Indianapolis bars/nightclubs such as The Vogue, Tru, Taps and Dolls, Bartinis, Revel and the Monkeys Tale. He is an active member of Studio 77 a production/entertainment business that houses Indianapolis's top DJs. 

     Cameron has been a fan of music his whole life. However, his talents stretch far beyond just that of the turn tables.  He received his degree in Audio & Visual production from Ball State University in 2011 allowing him to provide and edit music videos as part of the entertainment.
     Throughout his several years of experience he has never lost his passion and love for music. For Cameron, being creative with the music is the most important thing, which is why electronic/hip hop is the perfect genre for him. He always hunts for the perfect mix, the smoothest transition. He has kept his own style but always feels the vibe of the people, which makes him an excellent DJ. So if you’re looking for someone to bring a fresh new take to your music scene, DJ KILLACAM is your guy.

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